Lietuvos pieno gamintojų asociacija |
Asociacijos veiklos tikslai: atstovauti pieno gamintojų interesus santykiuose su valstybinės valdžios ir savivaldos institucijomis ir kitais pieno sektoriaus dalyviais; kurti ir inicijuoti priemones, kurios užtikrintų šalies pieno sektoriaus plėtojimą; skatinti pieno ūkių konkurencingumą; dalyvauti tarptautinėse pieno sektoriaus subjektus vienijančiose organizacijose .
Lietuvos pieno gamintojų asociacija
Lithuanian Milk Producers’ Association
Asociacijai 25 m.
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EMB General Assembly in Lithuania sets the tone for continued efforts to create a fair dairy sector
Sveikinamės iš Lietuvos - Greetings from Lithuania! This autumn, EMB members from all across Europe travelled to Lithuania in order to discuss important issues affecting the Baltic dairy sector and European dairy policy. They were warmly welcomed by the local organisation LPGA (Lietuvos pieno gamintojų asociacija). 

The hosts kicked things off with information about the...
Brussels: Kjartan Poulsen elected as new EMB Chair by European dairy producers
The European Milk Board (EMB) will now be headed by its new Chair, Danish milk producer Kjartan Poulsen. At the EMB’s last General Assembly, German BDM representative Elmar Hannen was also elected Deputy Chair. The previous Board members Boris Gondouin from APLI France, Belgian MIG representative Guy Francq, his Irish colleague Pat McCormack from the ICMSA and Roberto Cavaliere from the APL Italy...
Dear dairy farmers, dear interested parties,
This July, we witnessed an extraordinary, decisive moment in European agricultural policy. The European Parliament, the European Commission and the Council of the European Union reached a compromise on the reform of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). This is still to be officially adopted by the Member States who will then be called on to define their national measures. As you can imagine,...
No future for European milk production without young farmers!
EMB General Assembly with producers from 13 European countries reaffirmed its commitment to fighting for future-proof, cost-covering agriculture (Brussels, 29 April 2021) At their biannual General Assembly, which was an entirely digital event this spring, the long-term survival of European milk production was the main topic for the producers coming together as members of the European Milk...
Gembloux: European dairy farmers elect Sieta van Keimpema as the new President of the EMB
EMB: The Green Deal cannot become a reality without respect for economic and social sustainability At its recent General Assembly, the European Milk Board (EMB) elected current Vice-President Sieta van Keimpema from the Netherlands as its new President. Kjartan Poulsen from Denmark was chosen by the members for the post of Vice-President. In addition, current Executive Committee members Boris...